Are Sterling Silver Hoops Good For Your Ears? – Culture Forum

Day and night. If you don’t own high-quality jewelry, this could cause complications. You need to be conscious of what metals should expose your ears to, and what to stay clear of. When it comes to earrings, you should always choose quality over the quantity. Do you prefer hoops or sterling silver earrings?

Metals or materials that are not of the highest quality could cause irritation and then infection to the piercings. If you wish for your piercing to be successful and be healthy in the future You must read the jewelry packaging you receive it with to ensure you’re getting the correct high-quality jewelry. Although not many people know the distinctions in jewelry’s material or qualities, it is essential.

The majority of people do not realize, that sterling silver is not the best metal. It’s likely to discolor after exposure to air for a long duration. It can also cause skin to turn blue or change color when it touches. Do not touch sterling silver.