Car Crashes Into School Bus Going 100+ mph – Car Talk Podcast

Other. Unfortunately, there are people who take a lark and make extremely poor decisions. This video shows how a negligent driver caused the death of an entire bus full of kids. Many people may find the video to be disturbing. We’ve warned you.

Two drivers were racing their sports cars during a break. They weren’t aware that there were school buses with innocent kids just around the corner. The bus was struck by the vehicle of one driver. However, the fate of the second driver remains unknown. Glass shattering and the bus turning over in the wake of the impact that was caused by the collision. The impact caused the students to roll onto one another and roll. There were no deaths but some kids were injured. The likelihood is that at the very least an auto accident attorney or two coming after the driver. The bus and the sportscar were both destroyed. Take this as a cautionary tale to everyone who owns an automobile of any type. Be careful with it and take advantage of the privilege. Great power comes with the responsibility of a lifetime. Keep the speed to the track.