Child Has Super Powers – Entertainment Videos

They are a great candidate for playing pranks like the one in this video.

In this video, a father is in the park in the park with his kid. He is secretly using an opener for the garage. In the meantime, his son believes that he can get the garage door open with just a single hand movement. Also, the child has a marvel tank top. The child is clearly knowledgeable about superheroes. As the video goes on it shows the child making motions to the direction of the garage door. Meanwhile, the father secretly utilizes the garage door opener to unlock or shut the door as his son motions. This is a funny and hilarious moment. A child shouts joyfully while the door is opened and shuts. But, it then stops responding to the child’s motions. The dad teases his kid at his inability to use his powers. The boy now appears determined. He continues to try unsuccessfully to unlock the door. When finally, the father pushes the button to open the door. The child is delighted with the return of his power.