Discover True Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking services have been evolving for a decade, with each new incarnation making it easier for people to keep track of pages that they want to go back to. Before diving deep into a list of social bookmarking sites, some people may first need a little clarification as to what exactly social bookmarking entails. Instead of actually saving the website or online document, social bookmark services merely save the link to a page or piece of content that they want to share or revisit.

Many of the items on a list of social bookmarking sites will allow people to save websites either publicly or privately. Some sites may make it a bit easier to share certain bits of online content with specific people or groups. Either way, convenience will be the main goal that people looking at a list of social bookmarking sites.

Links and content from any of the top social media sites can be saved in the form of a social bookmark. People that want to make sure they remember what the link is can write down several keywords to remind them, which are called “tags.” These tags could also greatly speed up the process of finding a specific page again after it has been bookmarked.

While browsing through a list of social bookmarking sites, people should make sure they do not get suckered into anything that will cost them too much money. Many social bookmarking websites and services, like Diigo, will provide their users with several different inexpensive options. While social bookmarking sites like Diigo and Delicious can be used for almost anything, some services are a tad more specific.

On July 15, announced the release of Momiji, a social bookmark manager specifically for business professionals. Whether someone needs to keep important links close by for their business, or they just want to remember something funny they saw on Facebook or Twitter, social bookmarking could be the simplest way to keep from forgetting!