Does Your Rental Property Qualify for HUD’s Housing Choice Vouchers? – Online Voucher

Pay your rent. Landlords participating in the program will accept these vouchers and provide affordable, well-maintained, safe and decent shelter to families in dire the need of shelter. This program helps families with getting stable homes as well as landlords to fill vacant housing units. If you’re a homeowner and are interested in participating with the section 8 program and would like to learn more, make contact with the local housing authority to find out more details about it.
Section 8 Tenant

Section 8 tenants are those classified as being eligible for help from the government through the Housing Choice Voucher program. The Housing Choice Voucher program assists those with disabilities and elderly to rent decent and secure housing. An individual or family who qualifies for a voucher receives the benefit of a subsidy that covers a portion of their rental. Subsidies are paid to landlords directly, and tenants must pay the balance.

Eligibility conditions

A family must earn an lower than is the median in the local area they reside in. A Section 8 voucher is only accessible to U.S. citizen, permanent resident or head of household. Family members must include at least one person with a minimum age of 18 years or older. This Housing Choice Vouchers program is restricted to households with the non-U.S citizen or legally resident. The household’s head is not required to be found guilty of any of these felonies: violent crime, sexual offense or manufacture/sale of controlled substances or trafficking. Family members will be excluded if the owner of the household has a past record or convictions for any of the felonies listed above.

Tenant Application Process

You can apply to apply for Housing Choice Vouchers as a tenant. Start by contacting your local housing authority.