Gate Repair 101 – Boston Equator

upkeep. Gates don’t remain in place for long, and frequently require cleanings, replacement of planks, and various other repairs. Every gate owner knows that these problems often need to be dealt with sooner than later, to stop structural issues from occurring with the entrance itself. It is easy and inexpensive to make your gate more functional with a bit of inspiration and measurements. This instructional video will teach you how to repair your gate as well as the tools you need.

In this instance, the gate is constructed from bamboo and wood It has a distinctive design. Even with the intricate design of the gate, this owner is looking to restore it according to the original style using various tools you may have at home! A typical set of tools to build gate components include a screwdriver and nails. A cord extension is needed to supply power to the drill from outside of your home. Therefore, it’s essential that you pick a day with fair weather to pursue your next gate fix.