Guide to Buying Diamonds Online – Southwest Finger Lakes Crime Stoppers

There are a few things to consider whether buying diamonds in person or online however, this video will provide some extra tips for when buying online.

Do your research to find the exact product you’re searching for. It is important to understand what you’re purchasing when you shop online. There are websites that can provide diamonds in various carat weights, colors, and clarity. It is important to look over the 4Cs of a diamond in order to assess its worth. This is not identical to a range. It is important to ensure that the diamond comes with an independent grading report. To ensure your security, find out if the diamond’s grade report number is laser-inscribed on the girdle. Do your research about the vendor. Do they have customer reviews positive? Are there any return policies? Are you able to purchase online? How do they ship? It is also important to consider the shipping process if you buy from the web. fq9ncmshom.