How Does a Garden Sprinkler System Work? – Best Self-Service Movers

You may be thinking about it, but did you have the knowledge that there are five components that all work together in order to keep your sprinkler system in good working order? Learn more about these five parts as well as what they are used for.

To prevent contaminants from entering your drinking water, first you must ensure that water flows through the mainline. It could be from your city water tank or from your well.

After you’ve installed the backflow prevention, water will flow through your pipes before reaching the valves. The valves are controlled via the timer , which informs the valves when they should open.

As the timer signalizes the valves to be opened, water flows through the pipes and into the sprinkler heads . Then, the sprinkler system begins to work. The timer stops the flow of water through your sprinkler heads.

Garden sprinkler systems are complicated. It can be difficult to fix or pinpoint any problem. Expert plumbers are aware of the system’s workings and are readily available for assistance!