How to Keep Your Auto Shop in Tip-Top Shape – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

The likelihood is that you’ll increase the number of tools and equipment in your shop over time. Though you’ll need to move furniture and boxes around a lot at first, once you have established an arrangement that permits vehicles to move in and out, each machine will get the space it deserves. Automotive work involves a lot of tiny tools. And as an engineer, you can’t afford to let anything get misplaced. The video shows an entire store tour, and also highlights tips for organizing that you could have the ability to implement in the auto shop you work in.

It is obvious that essentials like fire extinguishers and a key lock-box are some of the first things you want to include in your auto shop. These must be recognized and clearly visible. In this auto shop tour it is the shop owner who has an elevated mezzanine above the work area where he stores every spare part he can find. It is protected by a simple piece of plywood or a curtain can keep your auto shop professional and tidy. You are also free to embellish it with any car-themed memorabilia you want!