How to Know if You have Mold in Your Home – Awkward Family Photos

>Mold can be a harmful material if you come into contact with it. It can trigger serious health concerns, since not everyone is aware of the symptoms. Here we’ll discuss different methods to determine that there’s a problem with mold within your home.

The smell of mold is the primary signal that your house has mold. The mold grows in moist areas which is why it can smell like old wet clothes. If you are noticing that your home has a smelly home for a prolonged amount of time, it might be caused by it is mold.

Another signal that you might have Mold in your home can be seen if you notice stains on your wall. Mold can form in between walls when there is moisture. The development of mold caused by moisture can be seen through the walls.

And lastly the issue is if the skin of yours is itchy. If you notice this, appears, then it’s evidence that there is the presence of mold in your house. This could also be a signal that you should see the doctor. These rashes can lead to an infection if they’re not addressed properly.