How to Properly Install an Electrical Outlet – Family Magazine

They’re responsible for charging the phones, computers, TVs and other electronic devices. If they did break and you were to lose power, you’d be in for a tough time. However, they’re easy to fix. But, care should nevertheless be taken to prevent injuries from electrocution. This video will demonstrate the common mistakes people make when connecting to new outlet.

It can be confusing to connect an outlet to an electrical circuit. There’s a wide variety of holes and bolts where wiring could be installed. Where do you find the right place to connect the wire? An electrician will inform you that each outlet is identical design. Every outlet needs two screws in different colors. One screw should be made of silver, the other is made of gold or brass. A lot of people experience problems due to the fact that they connect the wrong wires with the incorrect screws. It’s important to ensure that the white wire be connected to the screws in silver. Also called neutral wire the wire is attached to the screws of silver. The black wire must be connected to the brass or gold screws. It’s the “hot wire”.