Social Bookmarking Services are Widespread

Are you familiar with social bookmarking services? Many people online are social bookmarking, although they do not realize that this is what it would be called. Many popular sites are actually bookmarking sites. Any website that is geared around exchanging and tagging different internet links is a social bookmarking tool.

The basic premise of social bookmarking services is that it allows you to keep, organize, and share your bookmarks in one central location. Many people, for example, keep bookmarks stored in multiple web browsers, or on multiple computers. Not only can this be aggravating if you are on the wrong computer, but if something happens to the browser or computer, you risk losing all your bookmarks. The search and tagging functions are also handy because once you have several hundred bookmarks, it can be very difficult and tedious to find the ones relevant to your search if you have not tagged them like you do with social bookmark services.

If you tag your bookmarks, you also have the opportunity to share them with others. For example, if you are interested in web content relating to dogs, you can check out the dog tag on your bookmarking site. There, you will be able to view links to relevant videos, articles, songs and more, that people have posted. You can also find out about related tags, like dog training, or pug dogs.

If you are interested in viewing a list of social bookmarking sites, multiple lists are easy to find just by using a search engine. You will also find information and comparative reviews there for different social bookmarking services. Some sites, for example, are more focused on image link sharing than others. A social media bookmark list will also give you an idea of which sites are the most popular, which means they will have the most users also sharing information.

The one drawback to social bookmarking services is that it is easy for businesses trying to sell their items to manipulate the sites into promoting their goods. The people who run the sites, however, keep an eye out for this and try to discourage it by writing new search algorithms.