Starting a Commercial Generator – Business Training Video

How to begin the generator If you don’t know how to start the generator, it’s not much to. The video below shows the procedure by which a service technician can start a commercial generator so businesses don’t end up in a bind during an electrical outage.

There are several operational checkpoints you must conduct prior to begin to run the generator. In order to determine the amount of power your generator can supply you must first go through the electronic menu. In order to ensure that the engine is functioning at its maximum and is running at its best, check the oil. Much like an automotive engine the generator will not perform as it should without adequate oil.

Make sure the coolant level is checked in order to ensure your generator isn’t running too hot and result in further damage to your business. If you find any leaks that aren’t fixed, seek out a service technician to repair the generator or find a temporary fix. Check the air filter, also. Generator’s functions will be impeded by dust and other debris.

Unscrew the belt shroud, and look over the belt to see if there is any cracks, fraying or tears. It must be properly taught. Check that the voltage of your battery and temperature are in the right range. To learn more, check out this video below.