The Four Best Social Media Sites for All Types

Are you aware that, according to Statistics Brain, there are now billions of people across the planet utilizing social media platforms for myriad reasons? Some are using the best social media sites to stay connected with family, others want a way to connect with their favorite personalities, and others still want a modern way to break into their dream career.

What Makes a Great Social Media Site?%3Cbr%3E

The top social media sites succeed by doing the things that other great websites do. They provide their users with an engaging, quality, thoughtful service that they cannot find elsewhere. They make their service fun and they stick to a plan.

The Best Social Media Sites%3Cbr%3E

The internet is rife with social media sites. However, they are not all created equal. Here are the top social media and social bookmarking services for web surfers with widely varied needs.

  • Facebook
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    According to Statistics Brain, Facebook now services 1.15 billion active users. What makes the site the biggest and best? According to Social Advisors, it is the combination of putting its users at the center of its business plan, coupled with the fact that Zuckerberg and team do not shy away from embracing other businesses on the site. This combination allows Facebook to consistently draw in new members and offer them new services. All the while the company continues to grow in affluence.

  • Twitter
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    To say that Twitter is a different beast than Facebook would be an understatement. Whereas Facebook users are often prone to lengthy diatribes about any number of subjects, Twitter’s are limited to 140 characters for every single thing they post. Subsequently, according to the Washington Post, users now “tweet” 400 million times a day. Twitter succeeds by providing its users with unrivaled ability to connect with their favorite celebrities, authors, and other personalities in ways that Facebook simply cannot because of its size.

  • StumbleUpon
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    What makes StumbleUpon one of the best social media sites is the fact that it is randomness distilled. This leads to finding some of the best web content out there. According to Business Insider, there are now approximately 650 million websites. The fact of the matter is that a good majority of those are not worth our time to read. StumbleUpon features a user ranking and submission system that allows users to share their favorite content on the site with other “stumblers”. This means users do not have to spend hours wading through the endless void that the internet can sometimes be.

  • LinkedIn
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    LinkedIn takes its value from the fact that its only purpose is to help people find jobs and businesses to find quality employees. There is none of the social drama of Facebook and the others. Because of this, as reported by the Boston Globe, the number of employers using the site has grown by over 40% in the last year. 200 million potential employees are now members of the service.

Whether you want only to interact with your friends and loved ones or you simply want an innovative new way to find a job, there is something among the best social media sites for you. They are free, they are fun, and they are useful. Why not sign-up for one or all of these today?