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Organizing and decluttering before moving

Remove everything you don’t need from your cabinets of medicine and throw away anything you don’t use anymore. Some medicines may be contaminated with chemicals , so you must get rid of them in a safe. Medicines or pills that have expired or have been consumed should be placed in the toilet and flushed away. You should never put them in the trash can as they might have toxic chemicals.

Do some study in order to discover how to dispose of your medication or return your prescription to the pharmacist or pharmacist from whom you bought them.


Examine your pantry to rid it of food that is expired or turned old. The food items that cause health problems or expire within days must be removed. If you have foodstuffs which are well past their expiry date and still contain a seal on their packaging, you might consider donating to a shelter or food bank. Also, you can go through your pantry to identify what you need to conserve and which need to get rid of.

Attic or Crawl Space

The best place to keep the things you have in your attic can be your attic.