What Piping Is Right For You? – Free Encyclopedia Online

It is necessary to select some new piping. There are a variety of options. In this clip, you’ll see each option as well as a comparison and contrast.

When it comes to plumbing copper is an ideal option. It has been around for quite a while. There’s a valid reason for this , too. It’s extremely sturdy. However, it may cost you a fortune. Similar labor costs can be expensive. However, there are new alternatives that have come to market.

The next choice is CPVC pipe. It’s the most popular sort of pipe found in American households. It is malleable, flexible and easy to cut. It is also an economical choice since it’s less expensive than copper. However, there could be a superior alternative.

PEX piping first came into use in 1972, but did not so popular until the latter part of the decade. The pipe has roughly the same longevity as copper, but for a fraction of the price. Since the pipes can be molded it is easier to install them. They are very flexible.