What You Didnt Know About Seawall Repair – Discovery Videos

f serenity and tranquility. It can also have unwelcome and serious effects. It is crucial to examine and repair the seawalls we have. A YouTube clip titled “Seawall Repair Network’s Patent-Pending Process” illustrates how a seawall is constructed and repaired without having to replace the whole structure.

The seawall is comprised of a waterward and a landward side. The waterward side houses an berm, a joint. It also houses the weep holes and wall panel and cap. Landward and landward side comprise of a filter fabric, anchor , and rod linking the anchor and wall. The holes that are drilled from the landward side permit water to drain back to the sea.

In the event that the filter fabric is damaged there are voids in the soil that form behind the wall. In the process, structural instability occurs. Pressure from the hydrostatic system builds up over time, gradually changing or cracking the walls, and eventually causing destruction to the seawall cap.

Professional seawall repair professionals inject swap-1 materials behind the damaged panel to begin the seawall repair process. The soil then is infused with a cement-like substance. For pressure release it is necessary to drill holes. To ensure that there are no accidents ensure that you regularly inspect the seawall.