Worst Police Sketch Ever? – Entertainment Videos

Witnesses can be used to draw a sketch that police are able to use to verify identities. The video below will reveal the most ridiculous police sketch you’ve ever seen.

There was a news report about one of the suspects who was on the run located in Lancaster Pennsylvania. He was accused of being the one responsible for robbing an establishment. People were warning that they should keep an eye out for the suspect. Luckily, they were able to pull up the sketch of the police in the background for viewers to see. It was an amazing moment. The image was an ordinary drawing of the criminal with only a few details. The picture looked like the work of children in elementary school. News anchors tried to be cool. After a few seconds, he stopped and described the suspect as “having nostrils.” He also noticed that the suspect was wearing a hat as well as a wig. The suspect wasn’t able to offer. A newscaster is informed that police had nabbed the suspect based on this report. The anchor says “Thanks for the sketch with no doubt.” It’s possible that the sketch was genuine, but the criminal might require bail services.